Huwebes, Marso 28, 2013

Hollywood Red Carpet - Promenade.

March 18, 2013 - A Night To Remember <3

  Who doesn't enjoy Promenade?  :) well tonight is one of the BEST night in my life. It was a great memory for all of us. I, I mean WE all enjoyed it.

Meet my AWESOME Friends.
 from left to right : 
Nath, Eunice, Earl, Ayae, Johan, Eula, Pam, Jha, Chloe, Me, Jc. Dane and Argel,

With my 3 pretty best friends Ayae, Eula and Jha

And of course meet my BEST FRIEND, Ayae  she's pretty right? :D

Our prom started with a "Rampa" The juniors are partnered with the seniors, Then a prayer, national anthem, and the formal part of the event. I was tabled with a nice people like Joyce, Jane and Cj and those gentlemen in our table Kuya diegs, keanu, Aaron and Karl . Its nice to be tabled with them. After the Handling over we had our dinner.  then after that is the 2nd part of prom the program and this is the fun part.....

The program started with a dance of the boys
named The Dreamers

And next we heard a very nice song from Ms. Chrissie Paradero and Mr. Jayson Santos
They sang Just A Dream

And next is the dance of this Classy and pretty faces girls and of course I'm one of them
 we dance  "Vogue" - by Madonna


Next, we watch a video made by chloe wines, after that is our batch performance for the seniors.

see how fun is our prom? :))) lol.

this the "RAMPA" you will find a partner then strike a pose on the stage with him/her this is also fun :)

this is it, the slow dance with you partner "na uso dito ang tinatawag na FIRST DANCE"  :)

and while waiting for sir guy to announce those people who will get some awards we took first a picture.

And here comes the

 " Star of the Night"

Eden Angsuco of the Senior
Earl Calalin of the Junior

"Prom Princess and Prince"

Allison Navarro and Alex Las of the Juniors

the most awaited of all the..

"Prom Queen and King"

Aina Lozano and Dan Oliver Santos of the Seniors


~ I told yaaah our prom is very fun and its really A NIGHT TO REMEMBER. And We will wait for it again next year. :))

<3 KNBorbe 

Lunes, Hunyo 11, 2012

A Life without Love is like a Year without SUMMER.

Summer 2012...
Today? is the 2nd to the last day of our summer and all I can say is OMG! 1 day to go Reality again!
Summer 2012 is one of the best summer so far and right now I was wishing that School year 2012-2013 will be a great year for me and I also wish next summer will be more fun and adventurous...


BYE Summer! I'll surely Miss you.

See you again Next year :*