Sabado, Mayo 19, 2012

Hong Kong & Macau Trip (Part I)

        Hong Kong (Day 1)
Friday, March 9, 2012 
5:30am is our flight to HK, it was my first time to visit other country in Asia. So I was excited about this trip and Luckily I enjoyed it with my relatives.

HK, is a 3-4 hours travel so while in the plane I can't stop my self from sleeping lols....

And Finally were already there, I was amazed by their amazing Airport it was really big, nice, clean and I can say that it was High class! haha :))

From the airport we ride a bus to get into the hotel that we have checked in,The Cosmopolitan Hotel.

It was very very very Cold that time and we are not really prepared!
 I think its 16 Degree Celcius and its Freakin' cold arrgh! >.<

So by the evening we decided to buy a thick coat, scarf, etc... Cause its getting colder and colder and colder! L0L. And we also went to Mongkok to buy some "Pasalubong"

And that's it that's the Part one of our trip


-------->  Wait for the part Two guys! :)

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