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All About K.N.B :)

Klein Nichole Borbe,  is the name
Kaye for short. 
August 16 1997 is my Birthdate
I'm 14 yearsold 
High School student at ICA-Manila
Proud to be ICAMite

I Love God, My family, Best friends and of course my special someone.
  I also love performing on stage and entertaining people 
Singing,Dancing&Acting is Everything to me 
I'm not a professional performer but at least I know I have this so called talent.
I'm a fighter cause I don't give up especially when I know that I can still make it.
I'm a prankster, oh I love playing pranks on people I'm naughty& kinda hard headed girl
I'm Lazy ALWAYS! :) I'm a good girl gone bad so watch out! LOL Just kidding! 
I maybe bitch to the eyes of other people and I don't care at all cause
I know that I know MYSELF and them? They don't even know me they just judge me from what they see,heard and they don't even give a second to know the real me 
 The Nice, Sweet, loving, Good hearted girl and that's the Real me!

I Also like playing volleyball its one of my hobby 
I love my camera so much cause I'm vain and picture addicted
I always have my phone on my hand and I can't live without it!
I love Partying and I can't deny that  I'm a PARTY GIRL
I also love malling/shopping with my ghals :) haha
I'm a outgoing person I always make  "Gala" and for short "Lakwatchera ako"  
I also love watching movies at night "at matulog ng madaling araw"
Im a summer lover its not that I hate school but its because I hate Waking up early in the morning
I love receiving sweet messages and I liked being surprised by the person that I love. 
I also love eating a lot! especially sweet foods like chocolate etc...

I hate people who are backstabbers
  Flirts,  especially the people who flirt my partner
I also hate doing chores 
and I hate people who loves making issue or spreading gossip about me  

* P.S. I respect all those who hate me cause my middle finger rises up to salute them

Okay that's all for now I think I already describe my self a lot 
and I hope that through this blog we can be a good friends :)

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